Local Tree Removal Service

Arbor Pro has been a trusted tree removal company in the Montgomery area since 1986. We utilize specialized equipment to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Our professionals are always cognizant of your home and property when removing trees, as not to disturb the area. If you are unsure whether tree removal is the correct step to take, give us a call!

Reasons To Remove A Tree

There are several reasons a tree may need to be removed; the first is age. While we often do not give it much thought, trees move through a natural life cycle and will die. Once dead, trees become a liability. The weakened branches and deteriorating stump will no longer withstand wind, snow, or other factors, thus putting surrounding buildings and people at risk. Tree removal professionals should be called at the first sign of death.

The next reason tree removal services may be required is damage. Trees can be damaged by severe storms, lightening, or collisions. If the damage is severe, the tree should be removed.

The remaining reasons for tree removal have less to do with the health of the tree and more to do with the circumstance. Trees can grow tall and wide. They can yield delicious fruit or can shed hundreds of leaves. They can be used for climbing and shade, or can obstruct a view. The point is, not every tree is the same and not every reason for removal has to be either. At Arbor Pro, we have removed trees because the roots were damaging a foundation, the branches were encroaching on power lines, the tilt of the base was endangering a home. We have also removed trees because homeowners were tired of dead pine needles coating their lawn or because they wanted completely new landscaping.

Regardless of your reason for wanting a tree removed, it is critical that this process is carried out by professionals. Contact Arbor Pro Tree Service Co. for a tree risk management assessment or with questions regarding pricing.

Tree removal by Arbor Pro Tree Service Company in Montgomery, AL