Looking for a tree company near you? Arbor Pro is a Montgomery-based company that provides tree services to residents of Wetumpka, Alabama. 

Why Hire Arbor Pro Tree Service Company?

Reduce Potential Risks With Tree Removal

A tree may need to be removed due to age, damage, potential risk, or preference. Whatever the reason, Arbor Pro has you covered. Our tree care professionals have been safely and efficiently removing trees since 1986.

Arbor Pro Experts are ready to help with Emergency Tree Removal

Our expert professionals remove dead, damaged and fallen trees with complete care and efficiency ensuring no damages to your property after a natural disaster strikes.

Improve Your Trees Health With Tree Pruning

Tree pruning involves removing dead, infected, and broken branches to promote the health and growth of a tree.

Level Your Yard With Stump Grinding

If a tree has fallen or been cut down on your property, you may be left with an unsightly and hazardous stump. Tree service professionals use a technique known as stump grinding to grind the stump down and make your yard level.

Contact Wetumpka’s Arbor Pro Tree Service Company

Arbor Pro Tree Service Company has been trusted for decades by home and business owners in Wetumpka to provide high quality tree services. Contact our team to schedule an evaluation or to receive emergency tree services.