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Arbor Pro is a professional tree service company local to Prattville, Alabama. Our team of professionals has been serving residential and commercial properties in the area since 1986. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to safely and efficiently complete jobs.

Arbor Pro Tree Services

We provide three primary tree services: tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding.

Local Tree Removal 

A tree service company may need to remove a tree if it is dead, diseased, or at risk of damaging surrounding structures. A business or homeowner may also call for tree removal if the tree is an eyesore or is disrupting the landscape. The process of removing a tree can be dangerous, which is why you should contact a professional tree company.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Arbor Pro professionals offer Emergency Tree Removal Service after natural disasters in Central Alabama reducing any potential risks.

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning involves removing dead, infected, and broken branches from a tree. This process helps to maintain the health and promote the growth of a tree.  Tree pruning can be performed year-round.

Stump Grinding 

During stump grinding, a professional will grind down a tree stump into fine wood chips using a specialized machine. This process is done to remove the stump and to eliminate any safety hazards such as injury caused by tripping or damage to landscaping machines. Stump grinding is quicker and less expensive than a full tree removal because the tree roots are left in-tact.

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If you are a resident of Prattville and need tree service, contact Arbor Pro Tree Service Company. We will come to your home or business, perform an evaluation, then provide a free estimate. Our team of professionals is also available for emergency tree service.