Pruning is a form of tree maintenance that keeps your trees healthy and beautiful. Before pruning a tree, you must first understand its biology and signs of dead and infected branches. Why? Because improper or careless tree pruning can cause lasting damage.

A tree company can help you avoid this problem by providing professional services. If you live in Montgomery, Alabama, you can count on Arbor Pro Tree Service Company.

Superior Tree Pruning Service in Montgomery, AL

At Arbor Pro Tree Service Company, we have a specialized team of arborists who provide tree pruning services. Our team has been serving the Montgomery area for over 34 years, and we have become known for our superior service and expertise.

When you schedule a pruning service appointment with Arbor Pro Tree Service Company, we will first evaluate your trees. We will identify diseased and dead branches and ways to promote your trees’ growth and flowering.

Our team not only prunes trees to improve health but also provides services when:

  • Branches are close to power lines.
  • Branches are touching your home or obstructing your view.
  • You want to alter the shape of your tree to enhance curb appeal.

Arbor Pro Tree Service Company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment. Our arborists will combine various pruning techniques to prune your trees quickly and efficiently, leaving them healthier, stronger, and better looking.

Schedule a Service Appointment

To schedule a service appointment for tree pruning in Montgomery, Alabama, give us a call at 334-224-5535 or send us a message. Arbor Pro Tree Service Company provides free estimates, and we would be happy to discuss our other services with you.