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When a natural disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your damaged tree is properly removed. Arbor Pro Tree Service Company offers emergency tree removal services in addition to tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding in Montgomery, Alabama. With over 30 years of experience handling trees in the Montgomery, Alabama area, we know what is required to properly remove and care for your trees. If you’re looking for tree removal professionals that are respectful of your home and property while taking care of your dead or damaged tree, call Arbor Pro today at (334) 224-5535.

Hire Montgomery’s Leading Emergency Tree Removal Professionals

As a trusted tree removal company in Central Alabama, we understand that tornado season isn’t easy on your trees. No natural disaster is wanted, especially when it ends in your trees or tree limbs falling and breaking. Whether you have fallen trees, need tree pruning, tree removal, or emergency stump grinding, our trained professionals are ready to help. Our tree removal service company has been gladly serving the Montgomery, Alabama, area including: 

Call Arbor Pro Tree Service Company today at (334) 224-5535 to avoid accruing an even larger expense. An unstable tree limb if left unattended to could result in more property damage for you or your neighbor.

Contact Arbor Pro Tree Service Co. for a tree risk management assessment or with questions regarding pricing.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Arbor Pro prioritizes your safety when tending to a tree on your property. Let us lighten the load by collecting your tree debris and removing any damaged trees. If you need emergency tree removal that’s done right the first time around, contact Arbor Pro today at (334) 224-5535 or message us for a free estimate.